6 Ways to Say No to Negative Self Talk

by Emma

Self questioning and challenging that derogatory voice is paramount in self-actualisation and realisation. Tell it to shut the hell up! You wouldn’t accept offending verbal from another, so why allow it from ourselves? ?!

Life Through Fancy Eyes


Self talk can be a great tool use in life when it comes to tackling at tasks or goals, but there is a form of self talk  that can be detrimental to your progress in the step taking process.  It is negative self talk.  Have you ever attempted to complete a task whether it is personal or business related and you tell yourself that You Can’t or You’re not good enough to do it, etc?  I have quite a few times.  I mean there have been times that I have almost literally talked myself out of even trying.  This is called negative self talk.  By listening to those voices, you are self sabotaging your own progress. You are really not giving yourself a chance.   But it does not have to continue, you can stop it.  It can be stop by replacing with positive self talk.  Well, you may wonder…

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