Can you be a ‘logical’ dreamer?

by Emma

Being logical is seeking evidential facts or reason for something. Sounds like a good plan for life. Being logical eliminates the unknown. Risks. Uncertainty.

In vast comparison, being a dreamer allows endless thought flow. Vast imagination and reasoning defiance. It pursues the idea of fate, of mystery, of pure undiluted meanings.

Is it possible to remain a ‘logical’ dreamer? Can we let go of our scientific reasoning, enough, to let ourselves pursue the unknown, yet remain devout to finding an evidence base?

I personally think this is complex and requires self-analysis for clarity.

Do we pursue logical ideation simply for the need for clarification or is this due to a deeper rooted fear about what the unknown may bring. Do we refrain from throwing all caution to the wind for fear the wind may change direction? Or spiral out of control?

What do we fear? The silent unknown or our own perception of what that is.

I work in science. I study psychology based on knowledge obtained from research, experience, and professional literature. Yet I am a dreamer at heart.

I cannot find reason for everything. Sometimes I simply do not have an answer. Logic can become dense and dry when faced with the mighty shot of pure undeniable coincidence. Irony. Dejavu.

I believe my gut feeling offers knowledge which cannot be learnt through reading, through study, nor through vast research. That gut feeling answers my psyche in ways that logic would struggle.

So is it simply down to following our head or heart? The old cliché. Logic is led and instilled in our head. Our emotions and psyche connect to our instinct.

Logic is learnt yet instinct is raw. Do we follow our primal path or our conditioned and evidenced based one?

Tricky. I do not have the answer. Logic shouts ‘you know better’, yet there is always that little voice that urges sweetly…. ‘follow your heart’…

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…