Desirable Bliss

by Emma

She followed his gaze as his eyes feasted on her sheer nightdress. She had bought it purposefully for him. For tonight. For their night.

The subtle shades of red silk cascaded and clung to her every curve, the silhouette of her breasts visible under the flimsy fabric.

‘How do I look’ she purred sexily at him through the open door. His body was relaxed on the sofa until he looked up. There were no words. His eyes said it all. He stood up and walked towards her intently, before slipping his arms around her lean body and lifting her off the ground. She felt her back against the wall as he positioned her on the worktop. Her legs slightly apart. The wood felt cold on her skin, but before this chilled her, she felt his lips on her face, her mouth and her neck warming her flesh.

She felt his desire with every kiss and let herself sink into the sensuous moment. Her body tingled with every touch of his lips, his hands exploring and moulding her body. She felt her straps slip down her shoulders and felt the cool air tantalise her exposed breasts, her nipples hardening with the pure essence. His kisses trailed down her collar bone and onto her bare chest. She let her head fall back as she felt his mouth on her breasts, his lips nipping gently. The pleasure flowed through her and she felt her body arching towards his, a delicious feeling of desire building within her. As she felt him push hard against her, she knew she was moist. Wet.

He pulled her towards him and spread her legs as he moved his body closer. The feel of him so close increased her own excitement. She could smell him. Sense him. The building within her almost suffocating her.

She let her hands push against him, feeling the hardened excitement growing. Feeling his increased breath on her neck as she let her fingers stroke his strong flesh. He responded by stroking her inner thigh with his fingertips, encircling closer to her inner spot. She felt her body respond and rise to him, delighting as his fingers stroked her wetness and gently teased.

She couldn’t wait any longer. She needed to feel him closer. Deep. Inside her. Her fevered hands pulled and yanked at him as she released him from his clothes. Her legs wrapping around him as she pulled him closer still. She gasped as she felt him push into her. Euthoric feeling sending shivers of pleasure through her body. He took over and grabbed her face, his kiss branding into her as he pushed deeper. Their breathing became rhythmic as her legs gripped his body and guided him, his body moulding into hers with every pleasurable thrust. She looked into his eyes as he rode against her, his visible pleasure increasing her own. Her body felt on fire as they rode in passionate alliance, their moans in perfect union.

As she felt her pleasure building, she held him tight, her orgasm causing her senses to tangle. She felt the sweet explosion rise within her as she opened herself to him and let her body take control. He responded by grabbing her hair as he pushed deeper and groaned as his own pleasure released into her. There bodies glistened with the ferocity of their lovemaking as they held each other and felt their heartbeats become steady…perfectly in tune.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…