Feverish Fumbles (x-rated)

by Emma

She fumbled for her keys. Her bag seemed larger than usual, the overflowing items becoming a nuisance and getting in the way of her find.

She could hear noises behind her. She felt her skin prickle with apprehension. She dug deeper into the pockets, ‘damn’ she muttered as the handle broke and the contents fell heavy onto the concrete ground.

The dark felt piercing. She looked around at the scarce space of the car park and suddenly felt alone. Vulnerable. Her hands worked fervently as she tried to scoop her belongings into her bag, her hands shaking slightly with the cold and with fear. Her eyes became adjusted to the dark as she noticed a sudden movement to her right. She felt the hairs standing up on her arms, her mind becoming alert. The sense of danger hung heavy in the air.

She turned back to her bag and fished out her black keyring, her car key reflecting in the car window. She fumbled with the lock, her hair feeling matted and damp on her face. She could feel her heart hammering, loudly beneath her flimsy blouse.

The door finally opened and she gave a sigh and chuckled to herself at her previous anxiety.

She had decided to stay late at work and as she had typed away at her report, she had not thought of the emptying car park below. Security were supposed to be patrolling the grounds but she was aware that the definition of ‘patrolling’ was usually sat with a beer watching night time tv.

She looked around again before opening her door to climb in. It happened so fast she did not realise which side he had come from. But all of a sudden he was there. Upon her. She had seen a movement earlier. She had felt him. As he pushed her up against the cold metal, she could smell the cologne on his skin, stifling her.

He moved her around to the front of the car and she felt the cold bonnet beneath her legs as she felt his weight lifting her. She felt the buttons on her flimsy blouse begin to pull as his hands moved up higher to explore.

His fervent hands reached her bra strap and she felt his fingers reaching round to release and cup her left breast. His fingers drawing slow and deliberate circles up and over her nipple. His other hand was on her thigh and with a swift movement he pushed her legs apart and hooked his fingers expertly under her knicker line. 

She felt a thrill begin to travel from her breast and down to her belly as his fingers continued to caress her breasts, her nipple taking pleasure from the restrictive feel of her blouse against her skin. She threw her head back and moaned. He pulled more forcibly at her shirt and released her, the cold air hitting her breasts, before bending to warm her exposed chest with his tongue. His lips travelled over her erect nipples gently nipping with his teeth, shivers of pleasure burning through her. She gasped.

The cold metal against her bare flesh created a convulsive reaction in her body. She could feel herself opening up to him, her legs spreading against her own will. Her pussy now yearning and in anticipation for his touch. She felt a pooling between her legs. Her knickers felt damp and stuck to her, illuminating her shape under the street light.

He smirked suggestively and trailed a lazy finger down her leg, drawing circles on her inner thigh. He could see how wet she was and he enjoyed it.

With her knicker’s still in place, he ran his fingers gently over her pussy and rested gently on her clit, his eyes firmly on her face, now flushed and her eyes half closing.

With one hand he pushed her knickers aside exposing her sweetness to the cold icy air. She shuddered. He brought his head down to kiss her inner thighs and breathed hot breath onto her chilling skin. She couldn’t hold her gasps in as her breath rasped in heady response. His mouth trailed between her legs and rested on her smooth and silky mound, his tongue slowly teasing. She lifted her buttocks and pushed into him as he increased the speed and buried his face in her wetness. His tongue worked fervently, licking her harder and with pure intent. His lips nipped at her clit gently, enjoying her obvious liquid excitement. She tasted good.

He knew she was ready as he released his throbbing cock from its zipped pocket. He watched her face as he pushed hard into her, her glistening body exposed and her breasts hardened. She gasped as he pushed again. He could feel her all over him, her excitement and moist pussy eager to accept.

She pulled at his hair as he rammed it in again and grabbed her buttocks in unison. Her legs now tightening around him as she groaned in pleasure. Her fingernails digging into his back.

He lost all control then and let his animalistic instinct take over as he pushed into her deeper and deeper as he rode them both into ecstatic oblivion.

His own orgasm was intense as he grabbed her breasts as he finally let go and released into her. He felt her shudder as her groans quietened down. He rested his head on her stomach before looking again into her eyes , ‘Hey baby, I missed you, I thought you would never come’ she whispered as his lips pushed upon her once more. She felt him smile. Her own smile evident beneath her slowing heart beat.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…