Invigorating Bliss

by Emma

So as I sit here dipping rich tea biscuits and chocolate cookies in my tea, I have time to think (I never once said I was a classy girl).

Another working day finished. Another experience lived and another feeling of satisfaction and well earnt rest.

Today was no different to yesterday in theory, but in reality it was nothing alike. Yesterday will never be again and tomorrow will always remain a mystery. Yet today, I realised the importance of living. The importance of emotions. Tomorrow I will learn this again. It remains continous.

It is purely within the essence of presence. The clarity of awareness. To think is only worth its time if we think deep enough. To feel is not deep enough unless we experience the feeling in its entirety.

Every day brings a moment or a moment of realisation. Purity in its truest form.

We all ponder the perplexing questions ‘what is the meaning of life?’ Unfortunately we may never get an answer.

Yet if we reframe this and consider how we bring meaning to our life, then it becomes clearer to consider a conclusive response.

It is not the materials. The expense. Nor is it the status.

It is the moments of clarity.It is simply sitting here, dipping a soggy biscuit, yet feeling completely at peace with myself.

That is what gives us invigorating Bliss.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…