Is it easier to simply ‘Quit’?

by Emma


Artist Louis Honca

Sometimes we simply lose motivation and it seems easier to give up.

Imagine if we always did that…

What would be the consequence?

Would we actually be happier?

This piece symolises the ideation of Father Christmas. He has decided ‘I quit’. He is doing what he percieves is right for himself yet consider the hyperthetical consequence.

No Santa. No Christmas.

Realistically we know that he is simply a fairy tale. An illusion. So how is this even a compariable concept? Right?


My point is the chain effect that a decision can make. The consequences which can spiral out of control.

If Santa gave up on Christmas, how would that affect the imaginations, the dreams, of children and adults alike? How would it affect the family warmth? The bond? The percieved togetherness?

A decision is not always singular.

We do not often live, breathe, and act alone.

Let us consider a small decision.

It is Monday morning and we decide to stay in bed. Why not? It has been a bad weekend hasn’t it? We feel angry and sad. ‘I quit’ is the primary thought. Insignificant?


That simple decision can affect our mood…. Our job… Our social relationships.

It can spiral out of our control.

A simple frame of mind, a thought, can affect our behaviour and create a domino effect.

The unfortunate concept to this is that once it spirals, it reinforces the idea that we are actually doomed to fail. It is pointless.

 ‘I quit’.

Simple to say. Harder to control.