Personal promises

by Emma

I made resolutions and promises to myself at the start of 2015. I am sure you did also.

Have you continued with your planning? Are you living your dreams?

☆I have been a non smoker for 3 weeks today and it feels amazing.

☆I promised to enjoy, relax, explore and plan that all important bucket list. I have booked 3 city breaks and am planning on booking a beach holiday for the summer.

☆I wanted to learn to dive. As per the above beach holiday. My partner and myself will definitely have fun with this one.

☆I love studying  (yes bizarre I know!) and am currently in the midst of my second degree. I will be applying for my masters and teaching certificate.

☆I am moving in with my significant other! Am exciting development for myself and my son. New house and lots of decorating fun!

☆I FEAR heights. I am terrified. This year I will conquer this. Activity based.

I am definitely on the way. How are you doing?

This journey is incredible.

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