by Emma

wpid-f338a4_thumb.jpeg Artist James Jean

 This drawing is amazing and thought provoking. It is a very florid piece and suggests a mirage of variable concepts. His drawing style is lucid but encourages perceptive analysis, conveyed within the vast phantasm of rich ideas. This piece personally stimulates me due to the recipe of intrigue and mystical form. I visualise a cycle of perceptive dimensions, which lay form for the further connective philosophical entities. I feel that this creates a tentative insight into the mind of a deep thinker. It further proposes a sense of connected yet surreal visions, and the idea that these can be moulded and developed through the formation of imaginative feeding. It highlights the pure ability of our connective senses in regards to developing the creative power within the mind. This further clarifies the importance of self exploration and discovery. To create a complex image onto canvas, encourages the realisation of our capabilities and the infite possibilities we can create for ourselves. Realism is vast from fantasy but it remains as connected as the one who attempts to expand this concept. We can have a vision and choose to develop it or choose to remain hidden. To let our individuality become free  allows it to become a part of our being. It is a desired confidence. Jean portrays this concept by use of his illusionary connections. It conveys strength, integrity, and confidence. Yet the visuals remain fluid enough to ascertain a sense of motion. An infinite philosophical paradox.