Stimulated impulse

by Emma

I ponder the concept of impulse. Personally I confess I am impulsive.

I chase the stimulation and I seek the positive angle continously. I cannot surrender to negative stance nor accept a disheartened philosophy. I feel that to live the dream, we need to take control in creating it.

My philosophy is to only say as I do. I do not make false promise to myself or others. Anything else would be futile. Realism begins with realisation and awareness. I remain aware of my limitations yet I also remain aware of my strengths.

To ponder in silence is never going to offer a comprehensible answer. To dream in vain is never going to bring realism to the desire. I visualise the journey, as I visualise the path. I choose to walk enlightened, and guided, by my own motivation and philosophy.

I am impulsive. I own this. I like to be indulged by hope and excited reasoning. It keeps me determined and psychologically ambitious. So, as I consider my next crazy idea, I also smile to myself in wonder. If it creates a moment of positivity and offers memories of surreality, then surely the ideation is positive.

Life is there to be cherished. To be enjoyed. I simply choose to create more frequent moments.

When I reach into a box of chocolates, I aim for the tasty truffle. I have never enjoyed the gamble of getting the coffee creme.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…