The importance of highlights

by Emma

The alarm creates a auditory orchestral disturbance and the inner voice screams in negative response. It is the morning. Another day of reckoning. Another day to ponder in the life of you.

How is this day any different to the previous, and how will it differ from tomorrow? Do you ponder this?

The answer, I suggest, is daily highlights. Memorable moments to provide gentle positive affirmation. Reflective momentos and times of tranquillity.

Highlights are not financial. Highlights are not materialism. A highlight is a tiny dream, a moment of undiluted pleasure. They are the yearned for times. The times which speed up our heart. The times which freeze the clock…just for a minute.

A highlight is personal to you. Individual. It may be a moment of silence, or a stroll, the caress of the wind as it strokes through your hair. It may be food or a tasty treat. It may even be the company of others, or time to reflect. What makes it a highlight is that it creates and completes us, just for that moment.

We live for highlights. We dream the dream. We plan our desires. Holidays, cars, houses and careers. Realistically these highlights take careful planning and perfection and that’s okay. However the smaller highlights can be, and should be, enjoyed on a more frequent basis. They reaffirm our importance and our individuality. They remind us to simply be us.

To enjoy the day. To embrace life. Again and again.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…