Why do we blog?

by Emma

As I read through the reader, the freshly pressed posts, and the glimpse into other people’s perspectives, I cannot help but wonder, why we do it?

Are we looking for self assurance? Do we pursue ambition and looking to promote a talent? Or do we simply have a deeper reason?

A blog is personal. It is diverse and multifaceted. Yet it is public. We choose to share.

Personally I enjoy to share my perceptions and emotions. I find genuine satisfaction when pressing the big bad ‘publish’ button. It’s fresh and new. It feels complete.

When I explore posts, I find entertainment, humour and inspiration. I also find sadness, disclosures and realisations.

The one common ground is that we own what we say. We cannot hide from that.

We have personal aspirations for our writing. We personalise our blogs. I personally aspire to analyse my self alongside creating my own perception into my posts. I hope my blogs create something positive for others. That inspires me. That keeps me writing.

Writing is a therapy in itself. Thoughts become tangled and need to be released. To write is to create a healthy exit. To write is to finish the crossword puzzle. To fill the spaces.

To write is to find the correct path in the maze. It is a visual and creative journey.

Our blogs are simply part of it

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…