Follow the leader…

by Emma

I ponder all the time. I analyse and I challenge my own cognitions and that of others. I think it provides us with insight and learning. It certainly does for me.

I have written posts on impulsivity and highlights recently, and usually my own postings help me to clarify internal musings. self therapy 🙂

Today I question and challenge my own reasoning. I consider myself impulsive. I consider myself spontaneous. I also hope to consider myself as thoughtful and optimistic. Owning this philosophy is self- actualising, however, it also becomes a characteristic which demands me to be individually active all the time. It becomes exhausting.

I promote my integrity through my own actions but there are times when it would be a pleasure to simply blend into the back drop and simply enjoy. Instead I find myself being the activist. I expect it of myself and my loved ones do. I have brought it on myself.

I love spontaneity. I thrive on excitement and reward. I work hard so feel that to balance this, we all need to enjoy the seed we have sown. I am not talking financial or materialism. I’m simply talking about gaining clarity and enjoying special moments. Time for ourselves and time for our loved ones. Amazing memories and fantastic reflections. Appreciation.

However I never live under surprise or suspense, as I remain active in my view. Positive? Negative? Sometimes I ponder. Do I always want to be the driver?

I know my family and loved ones expect my strong and leading stance, yet does this expectation offer too much responsibility and define our individual roles?

Definition of a person sometimes becomes pragmatic and mundane. Change can be phenomenal. It can also enlighten.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…