Intimate Intricacy

by Emma

In his arms she felt safe. His familiar smell comforted her. The musky scent of his skin soothed her, cleared the inpurity of her thoughts. Her doubts.

As he stroked her face and trailed his fingertips softly, gently down her neck, she felt her body awakening. She felt alive. The touch of his stroking hands began to send shivers of pleasure tingling down her body and swirling in her stomach. She loved how his touch could simply coax her to abandon her thoughts. She could simply let go. Let go and enjoy.

She felt his lips searching for hers in that moment, and as the soft fullness of her own lips found his, she felt the pleasure sweeten with a wave of raw emotion. God she loved him.

His smell and the pressure of his touch began to intoxicate her as she felt her body relax and mould into his embrace. She could feel her nipples begin to become erect as his body weight shifted onto her own. She was floating. She visualised the flames licking at the ignited spark between them. Her body responded with automatic force. As his kiss deepened, the touch of his tongue against hers sent involuntary thrills over her flesh, his hands following them as in instinct. Every inch of her flesh began seeking his touch, an urgency she felt deep within, cascading over her skin, and creating her body to arch towards his. A closeness of desperation. A physical need. She felt on the edge, his hands now exploring her bare flesh, pushing her bra aside to finger her supple nipples. She couldn’t hold it in as pure pleasure enloped her. She moaned in appreciation, her body begging for more. She could feel a build up between her legs, a primal throbbing, wanting him. Needing him. He sensed it, and let his hands wander, to satisfy the need, to feel her desire. He plunged his fingers into her wetness, her legs automatically opening and welcoming the intrusion. She pushed against him, enjoying the feeling of her swollen clit against his hand. Their kisses were out of control now, gasps and sweet groans became their only language as touch became the dominant response.

She let her hands find his buttons and released him expertly. His solid cock felt perfect in her hands, his own groans intensifying as she let her hands move him with intense rhythm. Her fingertips caressing his moistened tip. As his fingers continued to explore her, she imagined how his cock would feel inside her. Deep inside. She felt herself get even wetter and her breath quicken in response to the anticipation. He didn’t keep her waiting. His own primal desire took control as he pushed against her. His hands pinning her own in domination. Her knickers slid off onto the floor as he shifted his weight onto her, his kisses fervent. Strong and fierce. She felt him plunge deep inside her. She groaned in wakened and satisfactory delight as she felt his cock fill her, her own flesh swollen and ready. He continued to hold her arms down as he rode her, her submissive demeanor increasing her excitement as she let him ride her at his own will. She could feel his excitement growing as she felt her own build up begin. The sweet rawness of her oncoming orgasm causing her to moan in abandoned ecstacy. His mouth found her nipples as she felt her orgasm coming, the sharpness of his mouth nibbling on her breast, caused her to cum ferociously. Her orgasm infinite and long. He went harder at that moment, her excitement encouraging his pace, his own excitement taking control as his body responded. They rocked together and exploded in unity, his hot orgasm releasing into her as she felt her own juices release in mutual desire. His arms continued to embrace her and she continued to hold onto him, her body shaking with the extent of her excitement and also with the contentment she felt. As she closed her eyes, she smiled.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…