Morning Glory (x-rated)

by Emma

She woke and lazily turned her head towards him. She could see the covers had become scrunched at his side, showing off the firmness of his skin. The darkened glow mesmerised her and she began to feel a wakening in her body. He was looking at her watching him, sleepily yet sexy. His eyes sent shivers of quiet desire through her, like hands gently tickling her skin. She could see his hardened cock, ripe and smooth and she felt a sudden need to touch him.

He continued to watch her intently as she wrapped her hand around his manhood and slowly teased by offering strokes and gentle caresses. She felt it grow harder at her touch and with this realisation, she felt herself become wetter. He reached her and pulled her to him, pulling her hair to access her neck. He sent electric kisses down her throat and nuzzled her neck until he heard her groan in pleasure. He continued to go lower and played with her nipples lazily in his mouth. Tiny nibbles and licks as he felt them harden in desired response. His hand trailed down her belly and found her wet spot. She shivered with pleasurable expectation as she felt his fingers find and mould her clit, rubbing gently as in a figure of eight. She felt her self open up to him, her body taking full control of the sensations he was giving her. She layed back and closed her eyes as a she felt the moistness of his touch flick her favoured spot. He got harder and began devouring her pussy with his tongue, long licks,  short teasing ones, he pushed into her and she let go to the sensations. Wrapping her legs around his shoulders and pulling him in closer. It felt so damn good and she didn’t want to stop. Seeing his cock, now rock hard, made her want it in her mouth. She knew what he liked. She took him into her mouth and used her tongue to stroke his length and lightly trail around the girth. She felt him thicken in her mouth and growl between his teeth. His arousal encouraged her own and she felt herself pool with excitement between her legs.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her towards him, turning her body so the curve of her back fit perfectly into his lower stomach. He reached around and fondled her breasts as she felt his hardness push deep between her legs. She felt every inch of him as he pushed deeper, her wetness surrounding him and drawing him closer. She held the bed rails to steady herself as she felt him lifting her higher. His hand was on her pussy, rubbing her sweet spot and pushing her further into oblivion. She felt it building and groaned in delight. The weight of his body paralysing her yet offering plentiful and deliberate sensation. He moaned his pleasing breath in her ear, sending tingles down her spine. She held on tight as they rode into the morning, wave after wave of pleasure cascading around them. As she rode the feeling, she felt delicious build up of her orgasm teasing, until she could not hold on any longer. As she let go, she felt him explode inside her, their breathing rythmic and in simultaneous tune.
‘Good morning baby’ he whispered as they lay in the aftermath of their making. She held him tighter and smiled.

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