Positive Defeat

by Emma

Defeat. Giving up. Ceasing. Ending.

We consider this negative. A bias against our self – motivation. A thorn in our bubble of strength. However sometimes giving up is the right option. Sometimes it is what we need and what will benefit us.

So where did this come from? Well I have spent the past hour attempting to untangle Christmas lights from last year. Yes, I did pack them tangled, and yes I did throw caution to the wind. Hindsight is an amazing thing. As is self reflection and self – irritation.

This activity got me thinking. Believe me, there was plenty of time to think!

Although the activity was simply Christmas lights, how often do we waste our time untangling things in our life, to then realise, it was a waste of time. Simply, the tangle was best left where it was.

We spend hours analysing, trying, alternating, yet in all honesty, the end result was never going to change. In our minds, yes. In reality, not on your nelly.

However, we already know this, we feel this, yet something tells us not to quit. To quit is to be defeated. To be defeated is to surrender. Surrender what? I feel we need to ask. ‘Ourselves’, a voice whispers.

My response? WRONG.

Surely the act of realisation and quiet and controlled decision making, identifies strength and integrity. Life is not about winning the race, it is about blissful participation. Making our fate work for us.

What do we gain from mental exhaustion? Reaping no benefits for the sake of pride. For the sake of percieved failure.

Failure is not fighting and succumbing. Choosing an alternative route and stepping aside is not failure, it is using our initiative. Walking from the crowd. Being free. Happy.

So as I sit wrapped in Christmas lights, I make the decision to quit. To defy my competitive side and make myself happy.

My life. My journey.
Our decisions. Our fate.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…