Physical Abandon

by Emma

The day had been full. Laughter, sun, laziness and the scenery had simply created it.

She lazily flicked her hair back as she positioned her sunglasses on her face as she turned to look up into the sky.

The sky was an amazing aquamarine and framed the clouds perfectly. She couldn’t imagine any photograph or painting more surreal and enchanting. She picked up her book and looked across at the beach, now becoming deserted as the sun began to lower, it’s position creating an abundance of crystal reflections on the steady waves lapping only a few feet away.

She watched him quietly bathing in the tepid water, his bronze body glistening in the sun. She felt an urge to join him. Enjoy the last moments of the tranquility and beauty of the day.

The sand felt warm on her bare feet as she trudged toward him, her tiny bikini colourful against her own bronzing and glowing skin. She could feel the sun warming her shoulders and felt content as she reached her lover.

They swam out to a nearby rock, lazily watching the beach bathers and hearing the murmur of voices and laughter in the distance. She layed her head back in the water, enjoying the rythmic undercurrent gently coaxing her along.

She felt him wrap an arm around her and she instinctively snuggled her head into his shoulder, enjoying the water against her flesh and the smell of his skin tantalising her senses.

She suddenly felt a cold sensation on her chest and realised her bikini top had come loose. She looked at him and caught a sly and teasing look in his eyes. Looking back toward the beach, she could see the beach dwellers moving slowly along, their voices still mingling with the sweet drone of the sea. She realised then that she felt excited. The water created a blanket, protecting them and shielding them from appeasing eyes. She felt a ripple of excitement begin to caress her. She turned herself towards him, and using the water to float, she wrapped her legs around him and layed back, her hair dipping and framing her face. She felt him immediately harden against her and she let the waves create a rocking effect, her skimpy bikini bottoms causing silky friction between her and the erect hardness she could feel rubbing against her.

She watched as her bikini top floated next to her and enjoyed the feeling of freedom as she felt the water lap at her nipples, hardening, the waves offering a rythmic pleasure and supporting her body.

She felt him move her bikini bottoms, only slightly, but enough to allow his fingers to caress her and push into her moistness. He pulled her towards him, his mouth warm and wet as the salt water mingled with their kiss. She looked toward the beach again, the dwellers oblivious to the sexual tension and naked positioning they were now in. She put her hand around his cock, he felt hard and strong, and she moved her hand with the waves, gentle but firm, feeling him grow harder with each thrust.

His fingers were deep inside her. His thumb rubbing and caressing her favourite spot, her legs tightening around him as she moved to his intentional beat.

She could feel the waves stroking her skin as they let themselves abandon to the sea’s hypnotic whisper.
He pulled her bottoms further and let her feel the water lapping at her, the pleasure beginning to build with each new lucid vibration. She pressed against him, demolishing the aqua barrier as she felt his entirety push up and inside her. The pleasing tightness creating a sweetness of emotive high. He grabbed her legs then and pushed deeper, his mouth finding her lips and pushing down hard as they both struggled to breathe. She breathed him in, tasted his salty mouth and familiar taste and became drunk on the raw mix of their connection, his rampant sex causing bubbles of pure pleasure throughout her. She could fill him filling her then releasing and the water gently caressing her lips below, sending her pleasure higher and more intense.

The abandonment of their lovemaking stirred a deeper excitement within her as she watched the people from afar and the risk increased her own orgasm.

She clung to him helpless as she felt herself almost drowning again and again, the pleasure not subsiding but increasing with every thrust. His mouth tasted her skin, wet kisses down her neck as she clung on and gave herself fully to him. To the water. Their moans lost within the gentle whispers of the sea.

She felt his own orgasm rising as she nibbled his neck and dug her nails into his back. He continued to delve deeper with his urgent thrusts as she rode him, their bodies now as one with the water as they exploded together, the sun gently falling away and bathing them in sweet twilight.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…