Untamed Release (x-rated)

by Emma

She stroked his face and looked up into his eyes admiringly. Nobody had touched her soul like he had. She knew he was unique. Special. She knew this was different to anything else she had experienced. He gave her that look. He knew it too.

Words were futile as their bodies communicated. Electric tension ran through the room. Ran through them. Like statues they stood, untouching, yet devouring each other visually and mentally.

She felt his eyes burning into her. Branding deep within her. She couldn’t look away. She was on the journey of no return. She was transfixed. Mind, body and soul.

He gently lifted a stray curl from her face and at that moment, the power of his touch created a spell bounded raw effect. Before she realised her actions, her mouth was on his, hungry and feral. She let her tongue explore his mouth and felt light headed by her own growing passion. Her body felt numb yet alive with passionate force. Every inch of her ached for his touch, his lips, his caress.

He had his hands in her hair, dominant posture, he pulled gently, to tame or to play. She let her head fall back, her hair cascading down her back as his lips began to trail urgent kisses down her neck. She felt her body dance and melt as the sensations of his lips aroused every bit of her flesh, creating a stark heat with began to journey to her most erotic places.

Her hands felt unlike her own as she clawed at his jeans. An uncontrollable urge to release him. To release herself.

He grabbed her hands, holding them above her head as his body pinned her to the wall, his hardened cock rubbing against her clothes and sending shivers of primal arousal between her legs. She wanted him now. Deep. Inside her. Her body was building up and her breathing became louder as he continued to kiss her and fondle her with his warm mouth. Her breasts were yearning to be touched, licked by his tongue. She could feel them tingle in expectation. Her nipples hard. He touched them gently, stroking, as he watched her face. She had her eyes closed as to not betray her body. As he put more pressure on, and began moulding them in his hands, she almost felt faint. She kept her eyes closed as she felt him take each breast into his mouth and play with her nipples. It felt amazing on her body, she felt the excitement drip slowly and erotically down her legs and mingle in with her own lady moistness and begin to create a swirling of pleasure deep within her.

He released her hands and placed them on his growing manhood. She felt in awe of its strength and thickness as she wrapped her hand around its girth. He groaned in animal pleasure as he pushed up her skirt and let his own hands journey, tracing the line of her knickers with his fingertips.

She girated against his fingers, loving the feel of his strong fingers teasing and coaxing her will. She felt herself getting wetter as his fingers finally released the material and she felt the pure pleasure of the sensual sugar building and taking her higher. His finger tips brushed expertly and circled her clit, she felt it swelling with raw excitement. Every touch sending electric shocks pounding up her body and down her legs. The feel of his cock in her hands almost sent her over. She responded to her desire with her lips, hot and yearning on his. Her nails trailing down his back and her skin feverish now with pure undiluted desire.

He lifted her, her body fitting perfect in his strong arms. She wrapped herself around him bringing him closer, her animal need apparent by the fire dancing in her eyes. His own eyes were pooling, pupils enlarged, speaking in sexual tension to clarify and confirm his own urgent response.

He pushed into her then and she let go. His weight supporting her, she felt her body begin to spasm as the deepness of his thrusts sent pleasure cascading all over her skin. She pushed back in firm response and opened to him, her legs wrapped, yet merely dangling as her body took control. She felt every thrust like a beautiful wave of perfection, the sensations bubbling within her and drowning her conciousness. His own groans created a melody with hers, a pleading and erotic continuim of their primal needs. 

Every thrust created tension in her clit, their bodies so close, the friction almost burning her. She embraced the flames and rode like she was in battle, her strong warrior never backing down. Pushing through hard and fast.

Their orgasm began in simultaneous beat. His groans encouraged her own and the harder he pounded, the more she exploded. His cock satisfying her every need over and over.

As she looked deep into his eyes, she knew. Their connection was something else, out of this world. A pure journey of mutual abandon and sensuality. Somewhere she would travel to again and again.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…