Sunday Inspiration

by Emma

A typical Sunday day of shopping and spending time with family. I realised today that this time is really special, although we take this for granted. I confess I usually do.
I spent moments people watching… I noticed the elderly couple holding hands, still so devoted to each other after many years. I noticed the agitated mother becoming ever frustrated at her children’s antics down the aisle. I noticed the lonely person walking alone, trying not to encourage any attention.
I looked at my mother. The woman who has supported me to grow into the woman I am, and I felt blessed. I felt happy. She is looking older now, wrinkles prevail and her steps are slowing, yet this woman is incredible and never fails in amazing me.
Hardship comes and life becomes difficult, but those special people don’t change. They are there every step of the way. Never take them for granted. Life is surely filled with unique things and experience, but love and acceptance shines ever brighter. A typical cliché but that is priceless.