Play on Words

by Emma

To play on words is a word with more than one meaning, and is usually logistically used to create amusement.

Yet a word has vast meanings in general. A single word or single phrase is individually meaningful to everyone.

Love. That simple yet powerful word conjures up an array of emotion just by its simplistic term. It’s definition is assertained depending on a personal experience or our own association with it.

Love can create fire. It can create harmony. It can also create fear and loathing. It is a simple four letter word yet we can play on it, tweak it, imagine it, yet still formulate our own hypothesis in relation to its personal meaning.

In a previous post, I talked about ‘word sex’, this introduces a different interpretative complexity.

The word ‘sex’ creates either a dividing alliance or a multitude of controversial perspectives. Talking about Sex in our society is simply either accepted or not. It causes embarrassment, trepidation, shame, and disgust. Yet it also encourages confidence, self-awareness, bonding, and mutual comprehension.

The word ‘Sex’ encourages diversity. Yet as with any word, this is due to our association with it.

A word is simply a word when all is said and done, yet it is amazing how that one syllable can create and grow a series of altered emotions and opinions.

A word can change us. It can challenge us and others.

So is it the words that are classified, or is it simply us?

Another prime example of classic conditioning and learnt behaviour.

Personally, this gives me further encouragement and motivation to challenge myself and others.

Perception. We meet again.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…