The concept of Social Media and ‘REAL’ Relationships

by Emma

After a thought provoking discussion with an inspiring person on here, I felt inclined to post about this concept.

What has social media done to our morals and values?

Do we strive for online ‘fame’ so much that we risk the sacrifice of our ‘real’ life relationships and friendships? Do we honestly believe that a ‘like’ or egotistical ‘comment’ can compare to the support and love we receive from people in our waking lives?

Strange and bizarre concept. I have Facebook. I have twitter. I have hundreds of online friends, yet would I swap all of these for my family and friends? Yes I would. I enjoy reading my news feed and I find it enlightening to glimpse into people’s lives (we all have to admit we love drama!) However, these ‘friends’ or random people from my past are simply superficial. They do not compare to the people who share my daily life. I certainly would not kid myself to believe that they are meaningful to my existence. If they were, then they’d be an important part within my life…. common sense? Not to everyone unfortunately.

We have all read, seen, and experienced the wrath of social networking. The deceit, the lies, and the behaviour change in people. Why? Because somebody ‘liked’ a photograph or a status update. I suggest, this is ridiculous. We post the best of us online. It is not real. The online profile that we, and others, create, is simplistic perfected fabrication.

The ‘real’ us, we save, for our loved ones. The ones who support us daily. Who guide us, love us, and who accept us…and our terrible photographs!

In real life, infidelity, deceit and disrespect is frowned upon, so why do we assume it is any different online?

My significant other knows my passwords to my accounts as I don’t cover my laptop or phone to separate my identity. I remain me, both on and offline. I have values and I am proud of this. Yes I have Facebook, but that is to share my real life. That life involves my family and loved ones. I keep it real. Do you?

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…