Fundamental reasoning

by Emma

To question is to aspire. To question is to remain diverse. To question is to care.

Meanings float around everything we do. Everything we see and everything we think.

We act on reasoning. We find reasoning in our actions yet sometimes we also find struggle and lack the motivation.

Creativity is a daily push. We need to create yet we also need to continually push ourselves and prosper. At times it can feel like a uphill struggle.

We plough on, stop at the resting spot, take a rest, then plough further on. But what do we do when we hit a dead end or an overgrown path? It is difficult to retrace our steps, erase the journey, and rewrite our destination. We find ourselves losing motivation and simply giving up seems more logical.

Yet logic is cognitive and cognitions require careful planning. To reframe this, we need to consider a hindrance as simply a new development. A positivity.

If the road becomes murky, pull up your trousers and stomp in the puddles. Creativity is dimensional. It is the act of climbing out the box and standing tall. Rome certainly wasn’t built in a day. Neither was inspiration.

Whilst walking that path, whilst trudging up hill, take a deep breath and concentrate on the journey, not just the destination.

Mountains are not symmetrical. A journey embraced is a journey experienced.

If you feel like cursing, do it. Do it loud. Whispered set backs are not useful and simply demotivate. Create with passion. Scream with more passion, yet continue trudging in muddy boots, and do not look back.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…