Riding high (x-rated)

by Emma

The queue seemed to go on for miles as they stood, surrounded by flashing lights, the pulsating beat droning out the crowd.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer, her familiar scent pleasurably toxic as he nuzzled her neck. She relaxed in his embrace and squeezed his hand in response, before giving his bottom a cheeky squeeze, and slyly looking up at him and winking.

The crowd moved forward as the ride began to slowly fill up, the vibrations of the music becoming clearer and more prominent the closer they moved.

He could feel the heat from her body as he kept his arms tightly around her. The crowd pushing them forward, yet the queue holding them in place. He warmed his hands in her sweater and let his fingers stroke the side of her stomach as they continued to wait. He felt her body tense in vague surprise as his fingers brushed the bottom of her breast, her skin soft and smooth. He felt a slight stirring in his groin as her bottom pushed ever so slightly against him, her teasing in the public arena, exciting and stimulating his own senses.
He noticed the nonchalance of the crowd around them, and felt himself harden at the sexual tension which only they were aware of, as he slipped his hand further up her top and cupped her breast. He felt her shiver as her nipple hardened immediately against his fingertips. ‘Naughty boy’ her whisper tickled his ear as they moved ever so slowly towards the front. The music was louder here and she began to move in time to the beat, her bottom and hips positioned against him so he felt every movement, his enjoyment masked by the crowds own excitement.

As they finally took their seats, he was pleased that their place in the queue had aquired them a carriage of their own. Her sly look confirmed her agreement.

The night air was still as the ride began to slowly move. The wheel was renowned for its spectacular views and picturesque vitality. It was definitely a place for romance. A couple’s paradise.

She had the same idea, as she stared into his eyes and kissed him, her lips lingering as she gently bit his bottom lip. The ride stopped to offer time to appreciate the view. Time for her to kneel before him and slowly and expertly unzip his fly. The lights in the distance twinkled on the horizon as she took him in her mouth, her tongue moving in gentle motion as she let her mouth move in sync with the echoing music. She felt him harden with every movement of her tongue, and continued to tease him with her fingertips, as she stroked the length of his rigid cock. He let his eyes take in the view as the ride began to slowly move upwards, his own heartbeat quickening at the internal ride she created. He let his hands stroke the softness of her hair and his fingers trail down the curve of her neck. The carriage began to rock ever so slightly as the breeze picked up. Her mouth felt amazing as she continued to caress him, her tongue creating waves of pleasure throughout his groin and the urgency to cum nearly convulsing him.

He pushed her slightly away as he caught his breath and then grabbed her, pulling her down onto him. He held onto her hair and pulled her head back as he let his mouth trail fervent kisses down her neck. He could feel her becoming aroused as his hands caressed her curves. The carriage stopped again and the people below looked like tiny dots as he let his hands slide down her knickers. She was already wet as he let his fingers slide into her and his thumb caress her clit in circular motions. He heard her animal moan as he pushed harder, her body responding automatically to his touch as she girated against him. As the ride began to slowly move again, he let his tongue trail slowly down towards her breasts, her eyes pooling with her own liquid desire. His fingers continued to explore her as he pushed her knickers to the side and pulled her down onto him. Her gasp matching his own as he felt his cock push tightly into her. As the ride began to descend, she rode him fast and hard. Her wet pussy devouring him as he pounded deeper into her. The music drowned out their moans of pleasure as the lights silhouetted the beauty of their bodies, the view creating a backdrop to their coupling.

He felt her body tremble slightly, and as she girated her hips and rubbed against him, her pleasure reached a crescendo. He felt her explode as she tightened her grip,  her eyes closed in pleasure. As he watched her orgasm, he felt his own need reaching breaking point. He grabbed her hips and pushed deeper into her, his hot pleasure mixing with her own, their bodies trembling in sync and with the motion of the rocking carriage.

As the ride descended and finished it’s journey, he held her close to him, the smell of her creating a feeling of pure contentment and satisfaction.

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