Good morning Friday eve!

by Emma

The official Friday eve! Well it certainly sounds more enthralling than Thursday!

Thursday…. The day before the weekend. Although in theory Friday is actually the weeks ‘end’, we still have Friday day to also get through!

Why does it seem so much longer than any other day….except Monday.

I’m positive Monday has an extra couple of hours added on slyly….

…just to spite us.

Yet Thursday is insignificant itself, apart from the fact it leads so dramatically onto Friday.

Thursday…Friday Eve.

It certainly has a unique ring to it. It highlights a positive feeling… A perceptive completeness. A satisfactory end to the week.

Although ironically… The rhyme clearly states ‘Thursdays child has far to go’….

I guess it depends what we consider the destination.

Personally I like to consider Thursday as Friday eve so the destination is close.

So to keep with my daily motivational thoughts…. can we make Thursday more significant? Can we make it more than just a stepping stone?

If we wish the week away, are we also wishing our life away?

THURSDAY is looking for a reason.

Give it one.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…