Living our truth

by Emma


Life is full of changes, turmoils, blips, euphoric moments and amazement.

Each day we live, we learn, we live some more…then learn even greater.

We aspire. We fall. We get back up then get knocked down. Yet we continue. We thrive.

I visualise life on a continuim. True, we finally lay down and die (apologies for the factual philosophy) but whilst we are living, we do not. We choose to continue.

Something pushes us on. Aspirations are personal. Individual. Whether career or family related, we follow our path. We live our truth.

I ponder often on where I would be if I had made a different decision. Would I still be me? Think like me? Feel like me? If i chose an alternate route, where would it have taken me. Where would it have taken you?

My positivity sometimes flails. I awaken with deep questioning and cautious doubt. I double check myself and at times, my insecurities surface. Without these to check upon, I wouldn’t be human. Perfection does not exist and even if it did, I certainly wouldn’t choose to divulge. A little uncertainty makes a tasty recipe.

Too much, however is unhealthy so I silently blow these to the wind and let them soar. My inner psyche cheers and high fives my concious.

I believe in integrity. I believe in believing. I also believe in balance and karma.

If we reap the dream, we can make it.

We simply need to wipe our boots… dodge the cliff edge… and walk on head held high.

Our truth prevails us.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…