A little crazy concept called love

by Emma

Trust. How do we define trust? Is it a gift of ourselves which we offer? The closeness of our hearts. The vision of our dreams. The belief that our vulnerability is worth risking, for the love and devotion of that one.

Is it simplistic romancasising? Are we really missing something?
I truly believe that to love deeply, you have to allow people to be close. To let them in. To touch your life in ways you always kept hidden. Fear. To protect ourselves, fear stood tall.

Fear cannot lead us to a positive stance. Fear will mislead us. It neglects our needs, and breeds further apprehension.

We simply need to believe in love. Compassion. We need to believe in us.

Trust dances between, and weaves through every hole it can find. Fear follows smirking. This is followed by negativity, disrespect and social intervention. Yet, if we cherish the love and hold that belief hard and tight to us, then we create no holes for the negative demons to thread. Strength and dedication will prevail.

Consider those negative feelings as insects…crawling and creeping towards us. We can divert them. We simply need to see the intent and imagine the consequence.

They should never win. For them to win, we will lose.

Always a perceived gamble, however, the gamble promises amazement and surreality. It breeds inner happiness.

To breathe purely, we need to banish negative perception. Always enjoy the moments and the treasures they bring.

Maybe you will see that this way, you will get exactly what u always dreamed. Maybe.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…