Friday on the soap box

by Emma

The day we have been waiting for…


One word. A million meanings.

It is crazy as we wish the week away whilst waiting for that delicious ending. Free of work. Simplistic and pure. Yet the cliché ‘work to live’ rings true.

Personally I love my job. It inspires me. It creates daily passionate motivation. It fulfills me. Yet I also love freedom. Freedom to be me, to excel, to enjoy.

As humans we need a forte. We need reasoning and a positive consequence, yet we also need to fulfil our basic needs.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs promotes this. We need to satisfy every level to successfully move upwards and achieve the next one. Who wants to be that billionaire, that ever successful person who is forever lonely and wistful? Certainly not me.

Money and fame are aspiring but love and contentment are priceless. We can work for it all, be powered by ambition and driven by desire, yet who is there once we have it all? Relationships, families and loved ones are the spice in the recipe. To enjoy something fully, and to be successful, first most we need to identify our underlying needs.

We don’t survive as loners. It is not bred within us. We need to search for those people who become like us, nurture us, care and prioritise us. Love, need, desire is primal. That primal creates passion which is impossible to attain from a job.

Take the idea of writing. .. I write as I enjoy to. It offers me gratification and fulfillment yet who am I writing for? Am I seeking clarification, applause?
Or am I simply writing for me? Writing is not my job nor my expectation. It is personal completeness. Individual motivation. It is made better by people in my life.

The time I spend with loved ones is not minuted. It is not counted towards a mandatory source. It is chosen and provides multi benefits. It reaps growth and nurtures love.

We do have basic needs but these aren’t money or fame. These consist of the things which we sometimes take for granted, yer are fundamental to our lives. Without these, we are merely beings, void of emotion, void of meaning.

Counting pennies is futile. Counting good friends, special people, and family. They are truly priceless.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…