Icy Concience

by Emma

The drip drip of an icy ball trickling down your neck and moistening your thick and cosy jumper. Ice cold tingles down your back, freezing your insides. I can almost feel a shiver with the thought. The realistic vision.

Yet it is not snowing. That sensation doesn’t just become evident from the ice cold slushy substance. That feeling is also a created emotion. Readily available throughout the year. Non season specific.

Yes snow creates an icy sensation but yet so does instinct. The raw and primal feeling of unease. Trepidation.

Do we even recognise it? Do we recognise it too much?

We feel it in hazardous situations. We feel it in the desolate darkness. We feel it from others. From within ourselves.

It is a sense. Animalistic. Survival even. It is the voice of unreason. The ‘I know something is up but by hell, I cannot put my finger on it’ internal muse.

We question the realism. We question ourselves. Yet the feeling comes back. Again and again. It’s a game of risk. Follow and see….ignore and hope.

The one thing about this voice, it never let’s us down. Period. Whether it is super cautious or a super-aware entity, it speaks up.

It defends an injustice. Screams at the psyche, demanding and seeking purity. It questions an impossibility, fact vs fiction. It clearly tells you when someone is fabricating, deceiving and lying. It harasses the subconscious,  encourages self-questioning. Clarity.

What we do with this voice is individual. Some learn to shout louder. Drown it. Others to listen and act on decided and clear impulse. Then there are the ones of us who listen, ponder, gain and continue to learn.

Icy shivers are not welcomed yet our instinct is an ancestral gift.

Use it wisely.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…