Love Near and Far

by Emma

After having a conversation with someone on wordpress, I felt compelled to write.

The concept of love and it’s meaning got me pondering.

What determines ‘love’ and what keeps the flame lit? Do we define it by the quantity of time we spend with a significant other, or the quality of the time spent?

This leads me to consider distance romance. My significant other lives away from me and to say it is easy would be untrue and fabricated. Yet the quality of the relationship is surreal. The distance doesn’t hinder us. The distance provides growth and passion.

Yes, it would be easier to have him by my side and yes, emotions do become blurred, confused, and over thinking is a constant companion. However this relationship is the most healthy and positive bonding I have experienced. The time we share is worth tenfold the cynism and negative cognitions.

Love is friendship. Love is spiritual. Love is compassion and understanding. Love is also special and individual. It is the sharing of emotions, of hopes and dreams. It is the togetherness and the planning of a mutual future. Distance does not decrease this. Distance simply conveys the importance of it more. We can’t take this love for granted and we can’t bore of it.

Like a seed, it grows. Blossoms. It teaches us sacrifice and it shows us hardship. The overall goal remains mutually yearned for, and that makes it achievable.

True, distance relationships don’t always work. Statistically speaking, many fall at the first…or second.. hurdle. However many relationships fail even when distance is not an issue. It isn’t the time apart or time together which breaks us, it is the individuals. It is the lack of effort. It is the diminishing love and respect.

As beings, we all hope for that special someone. That primal instinct craves a mate. Our emotive psyche asks sweetly for a partner to hold our hand and walk with us on our journey. Our pride argues we can do it alone. Yet our heart whispers ‘why would you want to?’

Love is part of our journey. It is an amazing thing to have and to behold. Near, or far, love offers us completeness. It offers us faith and strength.

To develop and grow is part of our individual process. To develop and grow alongside another is part of our inspiration.

To love and be inspired by that love is special. It is aspiring.

Love is a reward and needs to be cherished.

Our heart smiles and our head agrees in perfect realisation 🙂

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…