Timeless whispers (x-rated)

by Emma

She had thought about him all day. Imagined his face, his smile, his kiss. She had imagined the feel of his body against hers, the sweet caress of his touch, his fingers gently stroking her. She glanced at the clock, perched at the side of the bed, and sighed. She felt really horny but he was at least an hour away. Still damp from her bath, she lay her head on the pillow and closed her eyes, ‘not too long’ she thought to herself, the sweet sound of silence gently rocking her into relaxation.

A tickling sensation rose her from her sleepiness. She lay there a moment, trying to focus and yet enjoying the chills travelling down her back. ‘Mmmm’ the low groan escaped from her lips as she felt the familiar hunger travelling lightly through her body.

She turned her head slightly to the side and his familiar scent doused her senses as the realisation filled her with a sweet contented excitement.

She felt him trickle kisses on her back and his warm breath sent shocks dripping down her spine, pooling at the top of her peachy buttocks and creating a warming sensation between her legs. She felt an automatic purring escape her lips as she felt her heart quicken and her body relax into his expert embrace.

‘Hello baby’ he whispered hoarsely into her ear, as she felt his hands move around to cup her breasts. She felt her nipples immediately respond by hardening against his fingertips, the sweet sexual tension building up inside her. His body pushed hard against her, his own pent up emotion pressing hard into her back as his hands continued to caress and stroke her soft and supple flesh. She realised he was naked and felt the moistened rush of her own affection increasing between her legs. Every touch making her wetter. Every stroke sending thrills throughout her own naked body, like droplets of gentle rain soothing away the remnants of her sleep. She turned towards him and found his lips, her tongue sensuously meeting his, as his own mouth demanded her attention. Their kiss provided perfected translation, as she found her hands wrapped in his hair, her passion mounting as she felt his naked body rubbing against hers, all her erogenous zones on fire.

His hands travelled over her back and onto her buttocks, as he pulled her towards him, his cock pushing against her sweet mound and quickening her breath as she girated against him. She was soaking now. She felt pure exhilaration as she imagined his cock entering her, his lips, hot, on her breasts.

His mouth created trails over her face and down her neck as she felt herself panting in anticipation. She stroked his hairy chest and lowered her hands to hold him, his cock solid within her fingers. He moaned like an animal as she grabbed him tightly, and slowly teased him by her movements. She loved the control her touch emitted, and watched his eyes close in pure ecstacy as she brought him closer to his climax. She let her own mouth caress his chest and move lower, her tongue creating a moist pathway towards his groin. He groaned and pushed her lower, his body begging for sweet release. She wouldn’t disappoint.

As she took his hard cock in her mouth, she felt it spasm, his pleasure intense, as she let her tongue travel the length and gently lick the top. His excitement evident in the moist delight as she tasted him and he pushed deeper into her. She let her fingers gently knead his balls, and direct his erect manhood into her warm and tightly moist mouth, and then out again, his moans increasing her own desire. She felt him straighten and fight his own desire to succumb, as he pushed her back onto the bed, and held her arms above her head with one hand. He spread her legs with the other and pushed into her deeply. Her moan surprised her as delight filled her swollen pussy, her need further increasing as she wrapped her legs around him, and threw her head back in surrender. He pounded into her, his energy immense, his passion evident in the stare of his eyes. She felt his lips nibble on her breast, his tongue wet and hard as he tweaked her nipple between his teeth, her moans gaining momentum with every thrust of his cock.

Her head felt light, her senses in free flow as she felt herself lose control with the building of her orgasm. Her whole body shuddered as she came, hard and continous, the sweetness filling her every nerve. He met her with his own hot pleasure, and their moans fell in sync, as their bodies clung to eachother, hot, sweaty, and spent. She noticed the clock on her night stand and smiled, he had definitely arrived.

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