All or nothing

by Emma

After my previous post on the concept of love, I felt compelled to offer an alternate perspective. I do stand by my written word, however I feel I need to clarify my stance on this concept.

I believe whole heartedly in love. I believe in magic, and I believe in the concept of romantic notion. I completely agree with the ideation of fluffy hearts and sweeter sonnets, however, I feel all of these need substance.

I am not naive, and a sweet verse will not convince me of devotion. Devotion is the act of trying, the act of sacrifice, the act of considering another as a priority in regards to the living journey. The gifting of a red rose, or a verbal promise of commitment has no validity if the actions do not fit the lip service.

I am all or nothing.

I do honestly believe that friendship is the key to any lasting bond. The mutual ability to laugh, to simply enjoy being with that someone, and the secret humour that is shared. The quiet moments of tranquillity, and the shared moments of pleasure. This creates the foundation of any lasting relationship.

Personally, my expectations are high. I do not do anything in life without putting my heart and soul into it. Love is simply another facet of this. I expect the same in return. Anything less is simply not worth it.

I am a woman, yet gender aside, we all need to feel special and appreciated. Every woman wants to be seduced by the concept of romance, and feel like they are the only one. Every man wants to feel powerful and primal with his lady.

All or nothing.

Romance and fluffy love help the journey to begin, yet to solidify the bond, requires the integrity and meaning of true committed value.

If it is worth it, then this is simply the easy part of the overall journey.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…