Sexy sole time (x-rated)

by Emma

The house was quiet as she layed her bag on the table and hollered down the hall. Silence. She felt her heart begin to beat in anticipation. Grabbing her carrier bag, she took the stairs, two at a time, and made her way down the hall to her room. She could feel her long curly hair swishing gently against her shoulders and it made her feel aroused.

Dropping her bag gently on the bed, she began to remove her clothes, her red silky panties and bra. Immediately her nipples hardened from the chill coming from the window. She stood a moment and let the enjoyment of the sensation caress her naked breasts. She brought her hands up to touch them, her fingers slowly circling her hardened nipples, her breath increasing with each touch.

She layed on her bed and opened the bag. She took out her products and layed them beside her. Her body in anticipation of the sweetness she planned. She opened the pot of cream and used some thinly on her nipples, the immediate tingling sending shivers down her body and all over her breasts. She let her hand fall further down and stroked her lips, she felt them swelling against her fingers, the moistness becoming wetter as she let one finger creep inside teasingly. She followed this with her new purchase, rubbing cream all over her clit and anal. The tingles she felt almost instantly and she could feel her own need to respond increase. She followed with her fingers and began to gently play with her clit, rubbing her fingers around and over it and creating small highs of pleasure with each tweak. Her soft nub felt sensitive to her touch but her body reacted into this, her hips slightly grating and pushing up against the pressure of her fingertips. Begging for its pleasure.

She removed a vibrator from the bag and brought it down to her sweet spot, the immediate pleasure beginning to ooze out of her as she pushed it’s pulsating head inside her. She could feel the vibrations on her clit and felt almost paralysed with the overwhelming senses it created. She comntinued to stroke her breasts and roll her nipples between her fingers, her body now wide awake and ready to play. She could feel herself get wetter with every slow thrust of the vibe, increasing the tingling sensation of the cream. Her breath was thickened with desire and her eyes felt heavy as she layed back onto the bed. Her legs wide open in front of her. Her last purchase was removed from the bag, and she used this probe gently on her butt hole, the pleasure now moving around her front and back. She felt awesomely full as she turned up the speed to mid flow. Her breath exploded with a groan of pleasure, as she felt the vibrations directed on her clit, she pushed the plug slightly higher into her buttocks. The senses were incredible as she felt the build of her pleasure, of her orgasm. She spread her legs wider and used her fingers also, to stroke her voluptuous lips, holding the vibrator against her clit as she moved it up and down inside her. Each time the vibrations moved, she felt a shiver of excitement in her buttocks, and used the plug to gyrate against. The pleasure building deep below. Her wetness was visible now and she used it to gain a speed. As she fucked herself and stroked and carassed, her orgasm began to creep closer and rise her from her senses. The fullness in her buttocks increased her pleasure, and as she relaxed into this, she turned the vibratory onto full speed and pushed it deeper into her, the vibrations hard and fast on her creamy clit. She felt herself began to cum and spread her legs wider, as she fucked and girated against the plastic cock. Shiny and shimmering with her pleasure juices. As her orgasm rose, she threw her head back and gave in to the erotic sensations. She felt her liquid pleasure ooze from her, as she rode the ride to satisfaction. Her eyes closed and head back, she heard herself animal moan as she built up again and again. Then she came. Long and hard. Her body shuddered in excited explosion and her head became light headed from the intensity.

After laying still for a while, she took her toys and added them to her special drawer for next time. Then smiled in complete satisfaction.

Now she could start the afternoon properly.

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