Glands, sniffles, and fry ups

by Emma

I awoke today with swollen glands. My throat felt like it had been attacked with razor blades, and my head felt like I had succumbed to drinking far too much alcohol last night.

I did not want to venture out of bed at all.

As I poked my toes out, I nearly questioned if I was indeed in the icy Arctic, rather then my pink boudoir. Winter is most definitely upon us.

I struggled with my motivation momentarily. I almost crept back under the covers and blanked the shrill alarm. Almost.

One thing I love about winter (and mornings!) is the promise of a hot and filling breakfast. I am a food lover.

So today, as I venture out and fight the harsh and bitter torrent of winter, I will remain safe in the knowledge that I have armed myself with grease, meat, eggs, and buttery toast.

Now I can do anything šŸ˜‰

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