Depth of thought

by Emma

I am naturally a deep thinker. I question everything. This is both a positive but can also prove negative. I search for meanings and interpretation, I fight the notion of simple black and white thinking, yet sometimes it may simply be nautical.

I believe, that as individuals, we constantly search for clarity. We thrive on goal setting, and we seek affirmation of our progress. However, do we lose the true sense of a situation, by constantly analysing, and looking for something which is already staring us straight in the face?

I own this flaw. I bet many of us do. Admitting it is simply part of the journey.

I do not believe simply what I see. I analyse, and seek an alternative dimension, yet to discover this would not make me happy. I want to be proved wrong. My inner self pines for the self realisation that my thoughts may betray me. I believe we all struggle with parts of our being. I simply struggle with my hopes and things I cannot control.

I was brought up with morals and values. I thank my family for that. Yet, I have seen the opposite of this in others, and believe this has tainted my perspective. I constantly battle with the balancing of the scales. The question ‘is this really true’?

Sometimes it is exhausting. I thrive to be naive and regain my innocence, yet I feel I have to remain strong. Self defence and preservation. Don’t we all fight for this?

Sometimes we also need to relax and simply be. It is hard. I hear my inner voice whispering in warning, yet to walk forwards and embrace the light, I need to quieten her. We simply need to learn to believe again.

Life can be soul enlightening, fuzzy, and powerfully vibrant. Sometimes we can walk the right path, at the right time. Sometimes there really is a rainbow. We need to release the bad and embrace the positivity.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…