Does love and hate direct us?

by Emma

I ponder this question many times. I have discussed this concept numerous times with friends and my significant other.

My question is hypothetical, however it is also down to my own personal muse.

I reflect on my current thoughts. My current perceptions. I reflect on my beliefs, and how I interpret life. To consider this, I also need to consider who, and what I am. This also leads to where I have been, and what I have experienced.

I am 33 years young. I reflect on my 23 yr old self. Am I the same? Not at all. Hardly surprising, as 10 years of Knowledge and experience is indeed going to change us. Develop our integrity. Offer personal growth. My 23 year old self nods vigorously.

Yet, I still left her behind. She was my innocence and she held the candle burning on positivity, values, and morals. Unfortunately, she also became lost. Lost is a strong word, however, it is also factual.

As an individual, I have remained lucky. I resided in a world where everything was easy and rose tinted. Love remained magic, and drama was only created for media sensationalism. How wrong was I.

In the last 10 years, I reflect realistically on the person I have grown into, and sadly, my cynism has been created due to experience and learnt behaviour. I wasn’t lucky after all.

Or was I?

I am currently in an amazing place in my life. I have a career which lights my passion and a supportive and incredible family. I also have true friends and my significant other is purely my best friend, and lover in one. I am truly blessed. Yet I have experienced hardship. I have felt the lows and gained clarity.

To grow and appreciate, first we must learn. Learning is a physical and mental concept. We have to engage and participate. We have to recognise bad, to learn how to recognise the good. The negatives simply highlight the positives.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…