Thank you ‘Ass hole’

by Emma

This post was inspired by an amazing writer on here.

The notion of love and romance is in the air, with valentines around the corner. The smell of sweet roses and babies breath, the aroma of fresh baking, tasty chocolates. The scent of commercial emotion.

I love valentines. Yes, I have bought into the harmonious sonnets and sweeter verse. I believe whole heartedly in love.

Love does not exist on only one day of the year. It is consistent, continuous. I believe in the purity of love and devotion. Every day.

Pain and hurt do not equate love. Negative transactions do not murmur romance. Disrespect and self gratification is not pure emotion.

This realisation took me time to realise. I fell for the superficial banter, the emotional rollercoaster, and then I woke up. Looking back on my own doubts in relation to this fascinating subject,  I simply see that love existed, I just sacrificed the emotion for my own fabricated cognition. In doing so, I sacrificed myself.

I don’t look back on my past with regret. It allowed me to become self actualised through inner exploration and clarity. I grew, I learnt, I developed.

Once I realised that I had to remove the rose tinted glasses to see clearly, I also realised that I didn’t want to remove them, they simply needed cleaning every now and again. A good healthy reality check.

We need to keep believing, because it does exist. We simply need to ride out the waves to find it.

This valentines, I will be spending the day with somebody who makes me believe in the slushy hearts, and the singing bells. Somebody who stands by my side, and does not mute me, but who inspires me. Every day.

So to all the ass holes out there. I speak on behalf of all women and men, a big fat thank you.

I’m keeping this smile 🙂

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