Theme Of The Week – Love – Oscar Wilde and Extraordinary Love

by Emma

I love the concept of this post. I firmly believe in the notion ‘All or nothing’. Who wants to sacrifice a dream for a mundane reality? Everybody deserves to wake up smiling and go to bed grinning.

As a woman, I hold my romantic notions close. I want to be treat like a woman. I am not a feminist. I believe in equal rights, but I choose not to indulge in the feminist approach. I don’t want to do DIY, not because of my gender, but because I don’t like it. I love cooking for my man, not due to expectations, but out of love. I want my hand held, my cheek stroked, my hair touched. I like this because it is affection, I like the physicality. Not because I am the ‘weaker’ sex, but because I like how it feels. I want to feel safe with my man, yes I am a woman and yes, we are (mostly) physically weaker than men. Personally I am 5 ft 2 ins and 8 stone so I am always going to be petite in comparison to a man. I want to feel safe when I’m in his arms.

Love is equal. As a woman, I feel I should look after my man also, not out of societal expectations, but simply out of love.

There are so many controversial views on relationships these days. Love too little, love too much. Equal rights vs individual preference. We are all different, but what should always remain the same is that, if we love, let’s do it right!

The Lone Panda

Oscar Wilde Quote
As some of you already know, this week I’m doing a theme surrounding love and all its forms. So I’m leaving you tonight with this Oscar Wilde Quote on love.

“Never love anybody who treats you like you’re ordinary.”

We should all search for that special someone who treats us as if we were extraordinary. For that is how we should all be treated. We should be touched gently and whispered to lovingly. Caressing someone down to their soul. Love should not be easily thrown away on a whim. Nor should it be spoken of lightly.

Extraordinary is in the power of one’s hand softly gliding on a cheek to brush away a tear. Which can also be there to help guide and nurture a fragile moment only shared between two. An inside knowing. A knowing that in that moment it is just the two standing in the stillness of…

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