Who you spend time with

by Emma

I think this in indeed thought provoking. The people we entrust our lives with, are the people whom we feel inspired by, and inspire. Shared interests and behaviours cement these relationships. As do values and joint morals. These relationships blossom with us. They develop us and provide internal growth. The people who come into our lives and offer us impurities and negativity, are the ones we walk away from. We don’t feel their positive presence, and we pass them by. There are some who are simply there to teach us. Then there are the ones we allow into our fold. They become external and internal to our lives. We see ourselves in their company. We see ourselves growing. We smile.

the supreme man


The supreme man will always be conscience of the people he surrounds himself with. As a supreme man you will constantly be developing old and new friendships. What some people dont realize is the massive influence that their friends have on them! Jim Rohn highlights this idea, by telling us that:

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

If you think to yourself about your own friendship group, you may even realise that many of you have developed similar habits. These habits could be productive things, like going to the gym, or something more detrimental, like smoking cigarettes. A mind blowing study revealed that if you have an obese friend, you are 57% more likely to become obese yourself! This is simple because after spending a substantial amount of time with someone, it is in human nature to mirror eachothers habits and mannerisms…

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