Capital of Love and Intrigue

by Emma

After neglecting my blog for 3 days, I am finally home and soaking in the bath.

Had an amazing valentines weekend in London. My eyes saw the sights, my heart felt the love, and my poor feet felt the pain.

The British museum certainly did not disappoint, and Cleopatra’s mummy definitely gave some food for thought. As did the unreal egyptian exhibition. History is that one subject which can always inspire and impress.

Portobello market… simply wow. Shopping is the way to a lady’s heart 🙂

I partook in a ‘room with a zombie’ experience. Crazy as hell! Adrenaline pumping… zombie gurgling… heart hammering. Sadly we all lost. Zombie meat!

Good job I was reincarnated to visit our capital’s wondrous sights. England, you are simply phenomenal.

Today I stood a few metres from a tiger. Bucket list tick.

So as I sit here sore, aching, and feeling utterly exhausted, I also have impacted my head with some amazing memories to file away.

Happy valentines weekend guys ♡

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