Underground (x-rated)

by Emma

The station was deserted, apart from a couple leant lazily against the wall. She could hear the low murmur of their voices, quiet intimate laughter. There was a hum as a carriage approached, always the sound as it left, and was replaced with a new arrival. It felt eerie. Spooky. Not the usual commotion and disturbance of people. Usually it was dotted with crowds. People coming and people going. Tonight it was silent.

She watched as the couple grasped hands and heard their laughter die as they ascended the stairs, the direction of the exit. She felt a chill. She shivered.

Her attention was drawn to her wrist, the watch face illuminated as she watched the numbers hit the hour. 10pm. He would be here soon. She watched the numbers changing, the time moving forwards, her stomach knotting with subtle realisation. He wasn’t coming.

Her eyes kept following the tinkle of sounds, expectation making her heart speed up faster. A sudden movement made the tiny hairs prickle her neck, her pulse quickening as her imagination took control. She pulled her collar up and snuggled her face into her scarf, the familiar scent of her perfume felt comforting as she fought the creeping paranoia in her mind. Her eyes clocked the time. Twenty minutes of silence. Twenty minutes of continuity. Waiting.

She saw the lights as the sound exploded in her ears. The approaching train quietened her pulse as she felt a breath of relied escape her lips. The lights provided safety. The carriages felt secure. The door spat and hissed as it opened. The emptiness quietly disturbing. No visual sign of life. Just the lights, the noise, and herself. She stood rigidly, turning her back to the adjoining carriage. Ignorance provided slight relief. Speed became a friend as she watched the darkness disappear, the lonely station being left behind.

She closed her eyes for a second. The questioning of her minds eye exhausting her. She sighed and felt the usual notion of disappointment. He’d let her down again.

She felt the change in air before she heard the breath. Close to her ear. Behind her. Fear rose in her throat as she felt hands around her throat, her scream frozen as she gagged. She kept her eyes closed.

She felt frozen to the spot as she felt the pull on her hair, her head being pulled back, the flesh of her neck exposed to the night air. Her heartbeat quickened as she felt hands reaching down and pulling at her coat, the coldness of the hand bar touching her bare skin. She didn’t have time to think, to contemplate as hands touched her, groped her, the breath tickling and warming her neck as she felt the fumbling on her buttons. She felt her breasts being released, the speed of the movement almost choking her. Against her will, she felt aroused. Her nipples hardening as warm hands carassed her soft flesh, stroking her sensitive spot. She felt fingers stroking her stomach and reaching further down and resting on her groin. She felt the escape of a moan and realised it had come from her. The sweet sensations of her built up fear now being released in submissive desire. She willed the hands to move deeper, the aching in her groan growing as she gave in to the gentle touch.

As she felt expert fingers prodding her, she felt the wetness overtake her. The fingers brushing her silky flesh, reaching her clit and rubbing her in motions she craved. Her body betrayed her as she pushed against the pressure, willing him inside her. She felt his fingers pushing deep into her and spread her legs wider, enjoying the tingling sensation creeping all over her body. She couldn’t see his face, but she felt his presence behind her. She smelt him. Sensed him.

She felt him pulling at her tights and heard a tearing as his desire grew determined. She felt him pulling her panties aside and heard his zip as he released himself. She felt the coldness of the window against her cheek as he took her from behind and thrust into her inviting wetness. The feel of his cock filling her, made her lose control, as she felt the pleasure flooding through her body. She felt her pussy swelling in anticipation and sweeter appreciation as he pushed deeper into her, his hardness feeling so good against the tightened goodness that was her own. His hands cradled her breasts and his thumb continued to stroke her nipples as he nuzzled into her neck, creating chills of fresh excitement oozing through her. She pushed her body up and back into his, meeting his thrusts with her own craving desire. The empty carriages now felt surreal and pleasing as she let her own moans take presidence in the silence. The scent of his familiar skin and the feel of his cock kept pushing her higher into her sensual oblivion. She felt the train speed up as she finally let go and exploded onto him. His own ride entering it’s peak as he shuddered with his own satisfaction. The train continued. The ride was now in full swing as she turned to him and kissed him firmly on the lips ‘I’ve been waiting for you baby’. He looked at her with his teasing eyes and she felt her resolve melt. He always let her down but then he always made it up to her. He was full of surprises. Spontaneity.

The ride always enthralled her.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…