Undiluted Internalisation

by Emma

‘How can we begin to understand the concept of our inner salvation, if we do not allow our internal voice to sing’?

Emma Tomlinson

I find the opportunity to question allows us to become further aquainted with our own personal tribulations and individual ponderings. The interaction we negotiate with our own psyche provides ample clarity to begin to decipher the true emotive stance we hope to take.

As individuals, we strap ourselves into the carriage, perfect our position, and sit back for the ride. We accept the carriage we are given, the speed we ride, we accept the placing. Acceptance makes it easier.

But easy is not always the best decision. Ease keeps the ride ordered, but it doesn’t hush the internal voice. She still needs to talk.

How many times do we silence ourselves under the illusion that it may still our heart? Quieten the beat? Quell our undiluted yearnings.

To silence is not to stop. To stop, does not rid. It simply digs deeper and burrows further near our soul.

Just because the blind man doesn’t see, he still feels. Just because it isn’t confronted, it still stands.

To stand strong as one, first we need to challenge our perception. Confront our own integrity.

Then we can choose which carriage we ride wisely.

Let the journey commence.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…