Creating a perspective

by Emma

My significant other inspires me with his imagination and creative sense. As an artist, he owns that title. His thoughts are made real by the fluidity of his pencil. His perceptions take form and leave conditioned footprints.


This indulges my own perceptive angle and offers me a delicious delight of flavours to tantalise my written word. I am amazed by external talents and remain positively perplexed by the range of emotions they encourage.

I simply cannot draw. I can create stick men and the odd ridiculous looking creature, but I can not Breathe life into a canvas. Full stop.

My thoughts create the visual outline, and my words complete the picture. My canvas remains externally black and white, yet I internally fill the meaning with the colours of my soul.


Our mind is a phenomenal instrument. It directs us to fulfill, to lead, to excel, and to dream. We can multi task. It allows us to think past the here and now. It creates memories. It makes plans.

It also gives us individual depth and meaning. Perception is a remarkable trait. An observation and also a simple thought.

Art creates and changes a perspective. Art comes in various forms. We visualise it from an image, from literature, and from those around us.

It keeps the world interesting. It keeps us feeling alive and stimulated.

It continues.


The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…