The satisfaction of Motivation

by Emma

I’m one of those people who juggles many things at once, then worries about it later. I work full time. I am a mother to my amazing 7 year old soon. I also decided to pursue another degree last September. At the time I thought ‘easy’. Now I am feeling the sting.

So today I attended University and survived the death by Power point. I then got a wave of motivation to continue to study this afternoon. In my positive defence, I succeeded. Three hours later, I am now on a chocolate hunt, and my brain feels over extended. However, I do feel satisfied that I have remained timely and on form today. Tonight I can now tune out and feel happy and content in my slob – like state. Every cloud has a chocolate covered lining.

I can also kick myself at my over active drive and demon ambition. I only have myself to blame for those days of tears, blood and sweat. I predict months of reality confrontation and vocabulary wars! Instead I choose to view the shiny side of the coin. I WILL succeed, and I WILL see graduation. I will not let myself down. There simply is not any other option.

The moral of my thinking is that sometimes the expectation we put on ourselves is not purely a bad notion. Sometimes it is the personal drive we need to push our comfort boundaries that little bit further. It is not about failing, it is simply about how hard you are going to fight, and how much energy we choose to invest.

That silver lining can be as shiny as you perceive it 🙂

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…