Falling In Love

by Emma

Beautiful expression of such a powerful and clear emotion.


It speaks both in whispers and in strength. It creeps and yet it also devours. It is delicious and sweet. Yet can be bitter and sour. We crave it. We feed it, and it feeds us.

Love. More than a four letter word. It has a language. It stands tall, royal in its own regard.

Writings of my Soul

Your eyes glimmer softly as they slowly find their way to mine. And I know deep down that it will never be the same. Your delicate hands reach for my face as my reality fades. My sense of control is triggered into a state of evanescence as you come closer to my shattered existence. Suddenly I realize. It can only be it. The mysterious power of the four-lettered word. It creeps unto me surreptitiously as I surrender swiftly to its majesty. But it is still hard for me to fathom. Am I collapsing or gaining new heights? It is like standing on the edge of a cliff and deciding I want to jump, although I know far too well that the waters are deep and that there is no way out. And yet I willingly choose to jump. Is it the logical thing to do? Maybe it isn’t, but what is logical about love anyway?…

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