Mindfulness or ‘Mindlessness’

by Emma

To put a foot in front of the other and keep walking is often difficult and thwart with trepidation and anxious cognitions. Yet to falter can be dangerous as it offers too much reflective emotion and can overtake the path of logical processing. On balance, too much logic can create a robotic clone and diminish the purity of our soul.

Difficult phenomenon.

Do we allow ourselves to be free with our emotion, to let go, to be in tune with our psyche. Is this an increasing risk and do we have to sacrifice a little of our control to reap the reward?

In contrast, do we listen wholeheartedly to our logical self and give up the pleasure and pain of true emotion, to ensure our own safety and ability to control our journey?

Black or white?

To let go or not to let go.

Sometimes we have to balance our mindful words with the whispers of our heart. We have to be strong and brave. We have to become the lion(ess) to protect our pack. We sometimes choose our role. Other times it is chosen for us. Alternatively sometimes we must surrender our soul for want of something important.

Either way, this can feel like nettles in the journey.

It may test us. Challenge us. It may break us and make us. What remains important is not how we do it, but why we do it.

If we do it for love, integrity, loyalty and passion, then it’s already passed. It is already valid and worthwhile.

We simply keep holding on.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…