Would you take it back?

by Emma

We all experience the highs in life, the bittersweetness of a first kiss, and the rythmic heart beat of a perfect moment. We also experience the brutal and devouring pain of heartache and loss. The memories that will never be, and the ghosts which pull at our heart strings.

Emotions are meant to cut deep. They are meant to break us, and grow up. We need to feel the pain to appreciate the pleasure. Sometimes we simply have to realise that not everybody who becomes part of our life, is meant to stay. Sometimes they are merely passing through. Yes, our hearts do not always know this, but this is also part of the journey. It has to be, because one day, when true love comes knocking, you’re ready for it. You are ready to embrace the purity and hold it like you never have before. When real and everlasting love walks into your life, your heart will sing a sweeter song than it ever has before, and you will know in that moment. This love is here to stay ♡

Mazing Thoughts


Don’t judge me for still thinking about you every once in a while. Please. Some days I just walk and smile at all the silly things you said. I remember the dreams we had of growing up together. Do you remember the names we agreed on for our kids? I do. I remember that summer night when I laid on my bedroom floor with the window open, we were talking on the phone and listening to music. We sang along and then all of a sudden you told me about the stars and how unreachable but wondrous they are. That night I couldn’t stop smiling. It was the first time you said, “I love you.”

For a while I think that you did love me. I still remember the way you looked at me as I opened my locker in that lonely high school hallway. Yet, when you broke me I…

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