A moment taken (x-rated)

by Emma

He grabbed her, hard and meaningful. There was no time for words. This moment was all there was. All there would ever be, unless he made it count.

He had touched her so many times in his mind. Felt her soft hair tickling his chest, as he cupped her face and touched her voluptuous lips. He had smelt her skin and tasted her. Many times. Yet many times he had also woken alone. Never with her.

Tonight he had watched her. The silkiness of her chest and the curve of her breasts as her top clung perfectly, silhouetting her perfect form. Her skirt clung suggestively to her buttocks, every movement like a kinky caress over the curves of her sweet ass. He could feel his cock awakening under his trousers, the image imprinted into his boxers. The exquisite need was torturous.

At last they were alone. The other guests had left and he had followed her into the kitchen, his gentleman stance evaporating with his physical need. As he reached for her, she responded in quiet approval. Her tongue gently tracing the outer of his mouth, her lips moist and partly open. Her smell overpowered his resolve as he pushed her up against the units, his own mouth against the smoothness of her flesh. He heard her moan softly as he kissed the bareness of her neck, moving lower, as she let her head and hair fall back in submissive desire. His hand was on her thigh and as he explored higher, he felt the dampness of her panties, and the heat that was rising between them. He felt her push against him, her body responding to his deliberate intrusion, openly inviting. He pushed the material aside as he let his fingers stroke her sweetness. He pushed them deeper inside her, her wetness more apparent with each circular stroke. He buried his face in the fullness of her breasts as he felt her breath quicken in excitement. It only took a slight movement before he had released them from their cradling. Her pert creamy breasts excited him as he  gave them his full attention, her nipples hardened under his gentle nibble. He could feel his own hardness thickening as his hands continued to explore her, her eyes closed in the pleasure he was providing. He wanted to taste her. He wanted to hear her moans and feel her desire on his tongue. With expert movement, he lifted her onto the kitchen surface, her thighs apart, her breasts exposed in the whitened room. He began his journey south, his mouth warming every spot as he kissed and caressed her stomach and thighs. He reached her pussy with vengeance. His tongue pushing into her and building her desire. He lapped at her gently, softly teasing her clit with the tip of his tongue, before tracing her lips with his own. She pushed against him and wrapped her legs around his shoulders, drawing him closer, deeper. She was dripping now, and he wanted to feel her tight pussy around his cock. As he freed himself from his restriction, his mouth found hers in mutual connection. Her tongue, hot and strong felt alive against his, as he held her face to him. He watched her intently as he entered her, the desire pooling and the fire in her eyes, lighting his own. He pushed into her hard, enjoying the tightness elope him, her wetness surrounding his member with every thrust. He lost control as he rode into her, her own body in rampant response. As he felt her let go, he pushed deeper, enjoying the sound of her pleasure tickling his ears, her breasts jiggling with the force of their fucking. He felt her body tighten and then she exploded onto him, her nails digging into his back as she threw her head back with the force of her orgasm. He felt himself building, his cock solid and strong as he pushed even deeper into her moist place. Her eyes spoke to him as she pushed him away suddenly, before getting onto her knees and taking him into another moist place. This time, she let her tongue take control as she rode him perfectly with her mouth, his own explosion hitting the back of her throat with his own rampant force. As she licked him clean, he was not disappointed. He knew that this one moment would lead to many other moments. He checked himself smugly, a moment really was worth it.

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