Dangerous paths and stronger warriors

by Emma

As we walk down the path of our choosing, are we really aware of the dangers that lurk behind the shrubbery, under the pathed stones?

As I get older and become wiser, I feel I am losing my optimistic lens and my perception unfortunately does not remain rose tinted. The world is full of warmth and sweetness. It is also full of poison and venom. I ask myself, in the words of the black eyed peas ‘where is the love’?

Often I ponder and deliberate the actions of others. Often I am left shocked and mentally bruised. The media portrays a vindictive apocalyptic existence, only occupied by liars, thieves, and sadists. When did we lose honesty, compassion, and integrity?

Throughout history, we have delved into literature of the human mind. We have read and been told stories of ‘bad people’, yet these kind of beings have remained out of touch. Only in existence in our imaginations and nightly terrors. These people do not exist among us, or do they? How do we define ‘bad’? Somebody who kills? Who removes life? Who tortures? Yet these people do live among us. People who deceive and lie. People who falsify. People who steal. They may not steal lives, however if one persons actions affects another, then surely that sits in a similar sinister category?
I work with people who have been affected by others. These are the victims of others actions. Their lives are affected daily, simply from repetitive negative behaviour, abuse, emotional neglect, and lack of self worth. These feelings are not natural growth, they are triggered by others. Those others among us. These are not the only victims. We all are. We all feel the brunt of others merciless actions. We all feel pain, bewilderment and loss. To question ones identity through self awareness is healthy, to question it through others behaviour is not.

The path is dangerous with new predators. It is not the stories of serial killers we should only fear. It is the stories of ‘frenemies’, liars and inhumane individuals. The ones we walk next to every day. Sometimes the ones we discover who reside inside of us. These are what we should fear, and avoid.

Our protection? Our own dignity and self respect. Our own feeling of self worth. Strength and clarity is harder and stronger than any sharp word, conniving action, or unjust treatment. I truly believe that it is time to ‘find the love’.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…