Love bug

by Emma

‘Love is a serious mental disease’

Plato had it right all those years ago… In a peculiar way. To describe love as a disease is to focus on it as an infection, bacterial, or simply an unwanted burden. Love is complex, and has many symptoms. It is debilitating at times, inspirational at others. Yet plato had one thing right… there is no treatment. Love is unexpected. Love is sly. Love creeps and softly stalks. Love devours, yet to be in love is delicious. It is certainly an illness we all seek.

In vast relation to this idea, there are many who could compare this notion with ‘fabricated illness syndrome’ – though instead of illness it is the concept of fabricating affection. There are also those who love being in the ‘sick role’ , most certainly having a ‘love bug’ – Talcott Parsons, eat your heart out! (No pun intended ha). Yet we remain with one thing in common, we all enjoy and revel in this illness.

Sod the cough, give us love any day!

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…