Deeper I fall

by Emma

Night is the time to ponder. I lay in the dark, only the light from my phone warming the chilled room. I think.

I do try not to think. Sometimes thought is simply exhausting. Sometimes, I would prefer to simply be. I am too deep for my own good at times. I analyse, I question. At work, that is a necessity. It is valued. I value it. At night, it is a hindrance. My body craves sleep. My mind craves stimulation.

There is no off switch.

So I surrender to the need. I drift off in a spiral of cognitive mass. It seeps into my dreams, it creates complex visioning.

It also creates a personal funneling to self awareness. The more we question our external world, the closer we become to our internal voice. To knowing our muse.

I know that the daylight will once again encourage the pondering and inquisitive notion. Dreams will become filed in my minds eye, for later analysis. A new day and a new conundrum will begin.

The irony is that we will never find the answers. The constant philosophical questions will forever remain a mystery. However, the inspiration will remain.

So I will sit. I will ponder. I will analyse. I will continue to use my brain creatively. I will continue to enjoy, question, enjoy some more. I will give my mind the stimulation it desires, and I will continue to learn.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…