Nightly surprise (x-rated)

by Emma

The night creeps, and the wind can be heard howling outside the window. She snuggles deeper under the quilt and wraps her arms tighter around him. His body feels warm against the coolness of her skin, and she feels a slight chill so pushes closer into him.

She can hear him gently breathing. Sleeping peaceful and silent. As she strokes the softness of his skin and entwines her fingers gently into the mass of hair on his chest, she feels the usual longing building within her. His scent, and the feel of his body intoxicate her senses as she slowly rubs herself up against him. The gentle rhythm of raindrops barely audible, yet soothing, as she holds her lover tightly, their bodies warm under the duvet.

She slowly lets her hand explore him, as she gently trails kisses down his chest. Her lips moist against his heated skin, her own flesh tingling with yearning expectation. His cock, hardening in her grasp, feels powerful and strong, as she brings her lips down to greet him. Ever ready for her, he never dissapoints and she feels him moving, rousing from sleep, as she takes him deep into her mouth. She lets her tongue caress his swollen form, gently, yet firmly. The taste of him delights her and she enjoys the sound of his quickened breathing and shallow moan as he wakes to her night time surprise. She lets her hands stroke him as she devours any resistance with her mouth. He doesn’t resist. She smiles as she feels his hands in her hair, encouraging her to continue. She happily obliges, and uses her tongue to tease the length of his cock, as she pulls him deeper into her mouth. She releases him for a second, then lets her lips wrap tightly around his swollen tip, as she brings her tongue down to massage his full length. She looks up at him, coyly, through her sleepy lashes, and begins her sultry ascent towards him, her lips trailing wet, fervent kisses up his body, her own body rubbing against him on her journey. As she straddles him, he pulls her face down and kisses her hard, his own mouth hot and demanding, his breath quickened with his excitement. She doesn’t keep him waiting, as she opens her legs and feels the exquisite feel of his cock filling her. She can feel her own wetness and building desire as she begins to ride him, her hair tumbling lazily against her back. She holds his hands and balances herself upright as she girates her hips towards him, the movement sending shivers of pleasure into her, the position causing delicious sensations against her clit. Every movement, she feels herself building, the feel of his cock filling her, pushing her higher into her own oblivion. The rain continues to tap at the window. The wind creates a hissing noise outside. Her own orgasm causes her to moan and push deeper against him, her need for him evident in her liquid desire. He grasps her buttocks as he pulls her faster, their bodies in perfect rythm as she feels herself losing control. He rides with her, his own orgasm exploding as they reach the peak of their journey, bodies glistening and satisfyingly spent. They lay listening to the rain cuddled under the duvet, then fell asleep as the wind continues it’s nightly song.

The mind of a deep thinker…or complete rubbish…it is all down to interpretation and perception…